Phase I: Begin the Dialogue

We begin the conceptual process by stressing a few key points:

  1. This is a concept developed to solicit grant funds. Nothing is absolute or decided.

  2. Our focus is to begin the conversation. Nothing more.

  3. This phase is only about services provided by the Town of Ossining, and not those of the Village of Ossining or the Village of Briarcliff Manor. Any aspects of modernization that could change the way the Villages deliver services would take place in Phase II of Project Forward!


The basic beginning steps of our modernization concept focus on three areas for discussion with our residents

  1. The Highway Department

  2. The Receiver of Taxes Department

  3. The Town Clerk Department

These are elected positions that are NOT responsible for making policy. We offer the concept of making these jobs solely based on professional qualifications.

There are two modernization concepts that we seek to discuss.

Consideration is given to eliminating the three elected positions.

Reorganization of the specific offices Would take place.


Three goals are the focus of this effort:

1. Reduce expenditures - if realized, total savings of roughly $200,000 - $300,000 could be anticipated from the general fund $5.5 million budget, or anywhere from 3.5-5.5% of current expenditures. This could translate to a lower Town tax rate for residents.

2. Streamline governmental service - the current elected officials and their professional staffs do an excellent job. Creating new organizational structures would, we believe, streamline and even improve service to residents.

3. Start the ball rolling - these conceptual reorganizational efforts may be the 'low-hanging fruit,' but they represent an important psychological push. Achieving something in the area of modernization would tell us that we shouldn't be afraid of the inertia of government - that we can 'think outside of the box' to make ourselves more dynamic and efficient.