Some Background on the Town

The Town of Ossining provides governmental services to all residents within the Town's boundaries. These services are paid through a Town tax levy and are separate and distinct from the services provided by the Village of Ossining and the Village of Briarcliff Manor. 

  • There are 10,164 parcels in the Town of Ossining.

  • 5,467 of these parcels are in the Village of Ossining.

  • 2,524 of these parcels are in the Village of Briarcliff Manor.

  • 2,173 of these parcels are 'Unincorporated' meaning in neither village. 

  • The Town's General Fund budget is about $5.5 million. It's at $6.3 million for the unincorporated areas of the Town because they require (mostly contracted out) services that are otherwise provided by the Villages to 'their' parcels.

The average household spends about $321 a year on General Town Services

(The $321 figure is based on the 2017 average residential Townwide assessment of $427,359.)

  • Town Parks

  • Senior Services

  • Property Assessment

  • Town Justice and Traffic Bureau

  • Tax Collection & Foreclosures

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Town Administration

  • Town Clerk & Elections

  • Legal Services

  • Summer Concert Series & Fireworks

Living in an Unincorporated Part of Ossining

If you live in one of the 2,173 unincorporated area parcels, you don't get the benefit of the services provided by either the Village of Ossining or the Village of Briarcliff Manor. To compensate, the Town of Ossining provides services.  Many of these services are contracted to outside entities, and not provided directly by the Town. 

  • Refuse and Recycling

  • Stormwater Management*

  • Public Safety

  • Fire Protection

  • Building* & Engineering

  • Planning & Zoning

  • Highway Department*

  • Water

  • Sewer*

  • Street Lighting

* Provided directly by the Town of Ossining

More information about the Town's budget can be found HERE.