Fase I del proyecto adelante! está diseñado para comenzar la conversación.

As you have read, Phase I is focused on Town-only departments that have no direct impact on the services provided by the Village of Ossining or the Village of Briarcliff Manor.

However, modernizing these Town-only departments through elimination of the three elected offices and subsequent reorganization would prospectively reduce the Town's general fund budget and the Unincorporated budget, likely lowering Town tax rates. That is why the feedback of all Town residents is being sought.

As we mentioned in the preamble to this site, the Village of Ossining was a partner with us for the NYS grant, the idea being that there may well be obvious ways in which we can collaborate in the future to share/consolidate/reorganize or otherwise streamline services. 

Those discussions are now under way, and our hope is that a series of concepts similar to what was presented in the Town-only Phase I can be introduced at some point in the next couple of months as Phase II.

Residents should expect a similar information effort that encourages dialogue and feedback so that Town and Village leaders can seriously weight the community's desire to consider future modernization plans.