Shared Services

governmental entities within the Town have always shared services to reduce costs.

the relationships between the Town and each Village has produced efficiencies for each entity's budget.


Provided to the Town of Ossining by the Village of Ossining

  • Finance: Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounting

  • IT Services: (hardware and software purchasing, server maintenance)

  • Engineering Services (including piggybacking on annual supplies/vendor bid)

  • Water Infrastructure and Delivery (for unincorporated area)

  • Rental of Property (Offices and Boardroom space at 16 Croton Avenue, Armory, Courthouse, Community Center)

  • Recreation Services

  • Green waste disposal (for unincorporated area)

  • Police Services (for unincorporated area)

  • Street Light Repair (for unincorporated area)

  • Gas & Diesel

  • Court Officer Services

  • Fire Protection Services (for unincorporated area)


Provided to the Village of Ossining by the Town of Ossining

(through either an InterMunicipal Agreement OR simply paid directly)

  • Court Services/Prosecution

  • Parker Bale Sewer

  • Clerk Services (Train Station/Municipal/Accessible Parking, Vendor Licensing, Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates)

  • Senior Nutrition Program (also provided to VBM residents within Town)

  • Assessment functions (also provided to VBM residents within Town)

  • Tax Receiver functions (also provided to VBM residents within Town)


Other Shared Services

  • Fire Protection Services (portion provided to Town by Village of Briarcliff Manor)

  • EAP Services (provided to Town by Westchester County)

  • Bus Shelter Agreement (provided to Town by Westchester County)

  • Organic Waste Disposal (provided to Town by Westchester County)

  • Mid Hudson Ambulance District (provided by OVAC to Ossining, parts of New Castle, Croton and Sleepy Hollow)

  • Crossining Bridge Maintenance (provided to Town by Croton)

  • IBM Sewer Services (provided by Town to IBM/New Castle)

  • Stone Creek Sewer Services (provided by Town to New Castle)

  • Stormwater Consortium (for stormwater mapping services)

  • NJPA/Piggyback purchasing through other State and Local contracts

  • Membership with NYSHIP, NYMIR, CompAlliance, CSEA Vision

  • Snow and Ice Agreement with Westchester County