Elected Tax Receiver & Town Clerk Become Appointed Positions

Combine Into One New Office

The creation of a combined Tax Receiver/Clerk's Office into a new entity provisionally known as the Office of the Tax Receiver & Town Administrative Services would accomplish the following:

  • Elimination of two elected official positions.
  • Replacement of these positions with a professional tax collection and municipal administrative service professional.
  • Streamlining of the staffing for this united office in accordance with Town needs and collective bargaining contracts.
  • Financial savings depending on ultimate staffing pattern.
  • And perhaps most importantly, greater resident convenience through organization of services in one location and streamlining of town administrative practices (e.g. document submission) through singular professional oversight


Financial Detail

Currently, the all-in staffing cost of the Tax Receiver's Office and the Town Clerk's Office, which together include six positions, exceeds $500,000 annually. By combining the offices and reorganizing them, our budget director has generated three scenarios that would reduce staffing to 4 positions (savings of approximately $130,000) or 5 positions (savings of approximately $50,000). These costs include all contractual benefits. While they are only baseline scenarios that are subject to further analysis based on workflow and staffing needs, there is a clear path to reducing total expenditures if the offices were combined and reorganized.