Elected Highway Superintendent Position Is Eliminated, Duties Absorbed

The hardworking employees of the Highway Department are responsible for providing services to the 2,173 parcels in the unincorporated area of the Town, since they are not serviced by either the Village of Ossining nor the Village of Briarcliff Manor. The Highway Department maintains and repairs Town roads and roadside stormwater drainage systems, cleans those drainage systems, and performs snow plowing, sanding/salting, asphalt paving and patching, street sweeping, brush/leaf pickup, guide-rail maintenance and roadside tree maintenance services throughout the Unincorporated Town. In addition, the Highway Department can assist residents with reporting street light repairs and answer questions regarding trash collections and recycling.

This concept calls for elimination of the elected Highway Department Superintendent position and a part-time clerk. The superintendent duties would be reassigned to existing staff under Civil Service rules or through an inter-municipal agreement with the Village of Ossining. 

While this is a relatively modest concept, it would pave the way for much broader conversation and conceptualization of how to deliver highway department services to all who reside within the Town, not merely in the unincorporated area. For example, as presented in our grant application, the Village has a much larger DPW (Department of Public Works) than the Town. A number of scenarios could be developed regarding staffing, consolidation of assets, and expansion of responsibilities to areas like park maintenance, all of which could combine to create appreciable savings. As previously mentioned, these scenarios could be presented in Phase II of Project Forward!


Financial Detail

The elimination of the elected Highway Department Superintendent position would save $180,000 (salary and benefits for the position and a part-time clerk). Those duties would be transferred under civil service rules to an existing member of the Highway Department or through an inter-municipal Agreement to another entity. Either way, it is anticipated that the $180,000 in savings would be offset by roughly $25,000 in stipend costs for the aforementioned transfer of responsibilities, meaning that anticipated savings for this concept would be approximately $155,000.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: only the residents of the Unincorporated Town would be able to cast a ballot on whether or not this position should be eliminated, as the department is funded only by these residents.