Our Mission:


Our Town's elected leaders seek to create a dialogue among Town of Ossining residents Regarding basic beginning concepts for modernization of town services.

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document has been developed regarding the Town Board’s consideration for converting three elective offices to appointive offices.

You can read the full FAQ here.


The Grant

Project Forward! is being undertaken through a $22,445 competitive grant funded by New York State. No Ossining Town tax dollars are being used for the project.

The state's Municipal Restructuring Fund (MRF) provides local governments assistance in creating permanent property tax reductions through municipal restructuring. Awards are based on projected savings, and local governments are eligible to receive an award of 20% of the net present value calculation. The MRF tracks projects through four phases: Charter, Development, Small Scale Implementation, and Full Scale Implementation.

As can be deduced from this website, we are currently in the 'Development' Phase of the process, which means engaging the community on the concepts for its reaction.


The Process

We have exercised a great many hours of staff time for the development of the grant that outlines basic, beginning concepts for modernization of the Town of Ossining. Now, it's your turn. The reactions, conversations, and formal feedback of our residents is critical to this next step in the process. Nothing proceeds without your participation. Here's how you can help your Town be the best it can be:


1. learn & share feedback

Fully familiarize yourself with town services and the Project Forward! concepts. Take the survey that is embedded in this website.

2. attend a public dialogue

There is nothing like the power of collective thought. Join us at a public dialogue (TBD) to ask questions, share your thoughts, and brainstorm!

3. stay connected

Follow this site and email notifications for updates. Continue to share your thoughts. And make note to participate in the Phase II portion of Project Forward!